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Prospekt Atari 1040 STF

Sweet memories


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Störung der automatischen Fahrlichtsteuerung

Von , 3. Februar 2016 14:40

Die Informationsanzeige im Golf 7 Variant hatte eine interessante Fehlermeldung:

„Störung der automatischen Fahrlichtsteuerung“.

Dies liegt laut Werkstatt an Kontakten in den Frontscheinwerfern die gelegentlich und spontan zur Selbsttrennung und Neuverbindung neigen – Arggh.

Allerdings scheint dies keinen merklichen Einfluss auf Funktionen wie adaptives Kurvenlicht zu haben und ein Wechsel der Leuchtkörper hat dies auch nicht behoben.

Ich werde das im Auge behalten.

Stoerung der automatischen Fahrlichtsteuerung (2)


GeekBox – Open Source TV Box

Von , 3. Februar 2016 13:11

The pioneering versatile open source TV box
GeekBox – A leading product of Cross- Boxes, a Game Changer

Unlike Traditional TV box which turns the television into an intelligent platform like smart phones or tablet PCs, GeekBox will break this balance by not only fulfilling the aforementioned fundamental missions, but also opening an open-source project. GeekBox not simply a piece of hardware, but a DIY carrier, which carries all kinds of ideas and dreams from geeks. Opening a new era of box – an era of cross-box & open-source box with unfathomable capabilities.“


What the hack – Several MediaTek-Powered Android Devices Vulnerable to Attack

Von , 3. Februar 2016 08:59

„Several Android smartphones and tablets powered by MediaTek chipsets are vulnerable to security attacks due to a software bug. The flaw, if exploited, allows an attacker to glean private data including photos, contacts, and even remotely monitor all traffic. The chipmaker confirmed the existence of the vulnerability to Gadgets360, and added that its security team is currently working on the issue.“

But MediaTek only implemented the feature for debugging only and the phone manufacturers didn’t disabled the feature in the end product.

„After testing, phone manufacturers should disable the de-bug feature before shipping smartphones. However, after investigation, we found that a few phone manufacturers didn’t disable the feature, resulting in this potential security issue.“

Maybe standard disabling such features would be the better decision when the phone and other device manufacturers didn’t know or don’t care about security issues.


Amlogic S905

Von , 2. Februar 2016 15:45

I ordered an Android TV Box with a S905 Amlogic CPU to see what is possible with a device under 40 €.

“ Specification parameter

CPU Quad-core 64-bit ARM Cortex™-A53 up to 2GHz
GPU Penta-core ARM Mali™-450
Video Processing UHD 4K 60fps HW decoding, supports multiple formats including H.265 10-bit, H.264 and AVS+ FHD 1080p 60fps HW encoding, supports H.264
Video Interface HDMI 2.0 and CVBS output Supports 2-channel ITU 601/656 DVP camera input TS stream input
Audio Interface S/PDIF, I2S and PCM input and output Digital stereo MIC input
Security Supports secure boot and secure OS
Memory / StorageSupports 32-bit DDR3/3L, LPDDR2/3 1066MHz Supports SLC/MLC/TLC NAND Flash and eMMC 5.0 Supports SPI NOR FlashEthernet 10/100/1000M MAC
IP License (Optional) Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus DTS Digital Surround, DTS HD, DTS Express Real, DivX HD
Process 28nm HKMG
Applications OTT/IP/DVB STB, Smart TV dongle, Smart home“

How to Run Headless Linux on Amlogic S905 Devices

Von , 2. Februar 2016 15:22

„How to Run Headless Linux on Amlogic S905 Devices Such as MINI MX or K1 Plus“

Click to Enlarge

Wio Link: Build Internet of Things applications in a new way

Von , 11. Dezember 2015 09:41

Wio Link is an ESP8266 based open-source, Wi-Fi solution to simplify IoT development by virtualizing plug-n-play modules to Web of Things. With the help of Wio Link, You can build up your IoT applications with only 3 steps in 5 minutes!

The traditional methodology of building IoT applications is very challenging, which often consists of electronic engineering, micro-controller programming, network programming, IoT protocols handling and application development. Every step involves various hardware and software knowledge. And this time, Wio Link has redefined a new way to create IoT applications. No hardware programming. No breadboard. No jumper wires. No soldering.

*By now, hardware becomes the new software, and Wio Link is the IoT „SDK“ for programmer.*

Kickstarter page link:

Key Features:
– No hardware programming. No breadboard. No jumper wires. No soldering.
– A lot Grove modular hardware supported.
– Visual Configuration instead of micro controller programming.
– Update autmaticlly via cloud compiling and OTA.
– Bring Real to Virtual. All sensor becomes virtual RESTful API.
– Android & iOS APPs which to manage Wio Link.


– Wi-Fi Network Protocol: 802.11b/g/n
– Wi-Fi Encryption Technologies: WEP/TKIP/AES
– Expansion(6x Grove Connectors): 3x Digital, 1x Analog, 1x UART and 1x I2C (3.3V I/Os)
– Power Supply:
– Input Voltage: MicroUSB: 5V; Battery holder: 3.4~4.2V;
– Output DC Current: 1000mA MAX
– Operating Voltage : 3.3V
– Charge Current: 500mA MAX
– Flash Memory: 4MByte
– Size: 55mm*48mm
– Weight: 26g
– CE/FCC/IC Certified

Key Point of Kickstarter Campaign:
– Funding goal reached in 5 hours
– Kickstarter Staff Picked
– Popular project of Kickstarter

About Seeed Studio

[Seeed Studio]( is a hardware innovation platform designed to inspire creative hobbyists, tech gurus, and artists from all ages. By working closely with technology providers of every scale, Seeed provides accessible technologies with quality, speed and supply chain knowledge. When prototypes are ready to iterate, Seeed helps productize anywhere from 1 to 1,000 pieces using in-house engineering, supply chain management and agile manufacture forces. Seeed has extensive partnerships with business incubators and investors around the world, with a global distribution channel to reach makers everywhere.

IoT Applications: Smart Trash Cans

Von , 12. November 2015 12:11

Temboo IoT website

Von , 12. November 2015 12:06

„Temboo generates production-ready code to connect your hardware or software application to over 100 APIs.

Click on the link below to sign up, and you’ll both get 500 additional Temboo Choreo calls each month.“

Register your free account and get the additional 500 call by using my refer link.

IoT for Arduino, iOS, Android, Texas Instruments, Samsung, …



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