Alexander von Humboldt

Von , 23. Juli 2014 10:33

“Die gefährlichste Weltanschauung ist die Weltanschauung derjenigen, die die Welt nicht angeschaut haben” (Humboldt)

Roomba 880

Von , 22. Juli 2014 10:06

Our Roomba 520 did a good job for over 4 years now. It still uses the first battery and performs quite well with it.

The only feature I’m missing is time scheduled cleaning. A convenience feature nothing more but nothing less even.

I would not give up the comfort of a Roomba according to my experience with the 520, bought just for testing its potentialities but convinced better than ever expected.

iRobot has a new vacuum cleaning robot, the Roomba 880 with its new cleaning technology ‘AeroForce Extractor’.×317.png

This should pick up to 50% more dirt according to iRobot.

The brush rotors are replaced with brushless ones, which shall reduce the maintenance needed to remove things like hair.

Especially pet owners will appreciate this faculty.

Actual price in Germany is about 720 €.

A very detailed test and report can be found on The Verge


Elektor FT311D Break-out Board

Von , 3. Juni 2014 09:30

WTF?!? – Maverick-Buying

Von , 20. Mai 2014 10:32

Until today I never heard the term.

Maverick-Buying simply means ‘wild’ purchasing.

Every department buys without informing the purchase department.

The European Observatory on Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights

Von , 14. Mai 2014 12:40

Who is responsible ?ohimlogo_en

“The European Observatory on Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights is a network of experts and specialist stakeholders.

The Observatory’s objectives are to:

  • Provide evidence-based contributions and data to enable EU policymakers to shape effective IP enforcement policies and to support innovation and creativity
  • Provide data, tools and databases to support the fight against IP infringement
  • Provide knowledge and learning programmes for IP and enforcement authorities as well as for businesses and IP practitioners
  • Develop initiatives to help innovators, creators and businesses (especially SMEs) protect their IP rights
  • Design campaigns to raise awareness of the value of IP and the negative consequences of IP infringement”



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